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Are you a New Yorker in need of food or grocery assistance? Applying is now easier. Use this site to learn about the stories of New Yorkers like yourself. You may be eligible even if you have a job, own a home, or have savings—applying is the only way to find out!
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Real Stories

  • Wendy with her children

    Wendy, Staten Island

    When I didn’t have enough to feed my kids, SNAP HELPED.

  • Karima, Brooklyn

    When times got tough and we couldn’t afford healthy food, SNAP HELPED.

  • Andres, East Harlem

    I earned Social Security and Medicare, and when I couldn’t afford healthy food, SNAP HELPED.

  • Mary, Upper West Side

    I’ve earned Social Security and when I needed help buying food, SNAP HELPED.

  • Phillip, Brooklyn

    When my business was struggling and I couldn’t afford food, SNAP HELPED.

  • Miguel, U.S Navy Veteran, The Bronx

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