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Are you a New Yorker in need of food or grocery assistance? Applying is now easier. Use this site to learn about the stories of New Yorkers like yourself. You may be eligible even if you have a job, own a home, or have savings—applying is the only way to find out!
Istwa ki Pase Toutbon Istwa ki Pase Toutbon
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NYC Human Resources Administration

Èd Annijans

Ou kapab jwenn manje jodi a menm nan bank manje Vil New York, ki bay manje angwo ou kapab kwit lakay ou, ak nan kantin popilè yo, ki bay manje cho.

Gen bank manje ak kantin popilè yo nan tout senk (5) minisipalite yo. Si ou bezwen manje imedyatman, jwenn adrès ki toupre ou yo depi ou itilize Kat Alimantè nou.

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