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Are you a New Yorker in need of food or grocery assistance? Applying is now easier. Use this site to learn about the stories of New Yorkers like yourself. You may be eligible even if you have a job, own a home, or have savings—applying is the only way to find out!
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NYC Human Resources Administration

Two powerful new ways to manage your SNAP or Cash Assistance Case!

With the NYC ACCESS HRA mobile app, you can check your:

  • SNAP or Cash Assistance case status
  • EBT Balance
  • Recent and upcoming payments
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Documents HRA has received

Using the mobile app you can also:

  • Set alerts when recertification is due
  • Upload requested documents

The ACCESS HRA website includes all of the case management tools of the mobile app, PLUS you can:

  • Submit your SNAP application online
  • Recertify your SNAP or Cash Assistance online

If you already have an ACCESS HRA or ACCESS NYC profile, you can use both on the site and the mobile app by logging in with your username and password.

Manage Your Case At ACCESS HRA
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